GRADO Statement3

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    Your Heart’s Desire

    After hearing the sound of the new Statement3, we had to reclassify it. Meet the newest member of the Lineage Series.


    Promotion Review.

    Sound Placement

    The Statement3 is a classic Grado cartridge, and thanks to new techniques brought from the Epoch3 and Aeon3, it’s better than ever before. An intricate curing procedure during production helps achieve optimal sonic quality and image accuracy. The top-end seems to be endless with remarkable delicacy and speed, while the mid-range is rich and complex. Portrayal of low frequency information and bass dynamics are powerful yet engaging.

    I have stayed until the wee hours of the night using two state of the art systems and in every case LP reproduction was an unqualified joy.

    Silvio Fernandez, Audio Consultant

    Small Necessities.

    The Materials

    The design of the Statement3 has the diamond, boron cantilever, and jarrah wood work in harmony to bring this cartridge to life. Housed inside the jarrah wood is a special generator/stylus module that allows for a twin magnet system, reducing the chassis’ resonant frequencies. The Statement3 features a unique generating system that has the lowest effective moving mass of any cartridge, providing outstanding tracking on your turntable.

    In the Details.

    Extreme Precision

    Combining newly developed coil winding techniques with decades-old disciplines, the four reconfigured coils find exact unison to create a precise balance between channels and true stereo imaging. A new four-step shielding process allows the isolation of the wire turns in the coils, and creates an unrivaled clear path for the signal to travel. The diamonds are cut to strict specifications to accurately ride the grooves on vinyl.

    The Sound of Wood.

    Built from Jarrah

    The Statement3 is the only cartridge in the Lineage Series built from Australian jarrah wood. Each wood has specific tonal qualities, giving the Statement3 its own unique characteristics while presenting precise harmonic tones. The jarrah housing is built in such a way that optimizes and evenly distributes mass across the cartridge.

    With Love.

    Hand-Built in Brooklyn

    Each Statement3 built sees final assembly by John Grado himself on his workbench. Every experience in our history has led to the creation of the Lineage Series. The Statement3 represents the craftsmanship and unwavering dedication to sound that has been Grado’s main focus since 1953.


    Lineage Series

    • Body: Australian Jarrah Wood
    • Cantilever: Boron / Elliptical Diamond
    • Output: 1.0mV @5 CMV (45)
    • Controlled Frequency Response: 5-65 kHz
    • Channel Separation: Average 35db – 10-30k Hz
    • Input Load: 10k-47k ohms
    • Inductance: 8mH
    • Resistance: 74 ohms
    • Pickup Weight: 10 grams
    • Tracking Force: 1.6-1.9 grams
    • Compliance: 20μm/mN
    • Non-Sensitive to Capacitive Load

    Dėl Jus dominančios prekės pristatymo, kreipkitės info@ arba telefonu +370 600 47347.

    Dėl Jus dominančios prekės pristatymo, kreipkitės info@ arba telefonu +370 600 47347.