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Indiana Line Diva 5 is a solidly designed and constructed 2.5-way speaker, with its reference point being the popular Indiana Line Diva 552 floorstanding loudspeaker. However, the Diva 5 model, compared to its original counterpart, incorporates many improvements that have resulted in a significant enhancement in the quality of the sound it reproduces. These changes include technical solutions, components used, and the loudspeaker’s finishing. When using a pair of Indiana Line Diva 5 floorstanding loudspeakers, we can effectively amplify a room with an area of up to approximately 20 m² while ensuring low-distortion sound.

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    Technical data

    Speaker alignment / type 2,5-way / floorstanding
    Box aligment / port placement bass-reflex / front
    Driver diameter low-midrange: 1 x 150 mm, Curv polypropylene, woofer: 1 x 150 mm, Curv polipropylen, tweeter: 26 mm, silk dome
    Frequency response 40 – 23000 Hz
    Sensitivity (2,8 V/1 m) 90 dB
    Crossover 400 / 2800 Hz
    Amplifier loading impedance 4 – 8 ohm
    Suggested amplifier power 30 – 130 W
    Dimensions (H x W x D) 857 x 200 x 275
    Color black, white oak
    Weight 13,1 kg


    The roots of the Indiana Line brand date back to 1977. Over the many years of its presence in the market, it has firmly established itself as one of the most important Italian brands in the audio industry. Indiana Line’s product offering primarily consists of loudspeakers and installation loudspeakers. The designers at Indiana Line consistently aim to blend the highest quality production with a rational use of components. The result are models that, in many ways, surpass speakers in a similar price range.


    Among all the Indiana Line models, the Diva series loudspeakers hold a special place. This flagship product line perfectly combines elegant design with solid craftsmanship and excellent sound quality. The models within the new Diva series feature mechanically and acoustically stable cabinets and a stylish finish. The front panel is painted with matte lacquer (white or black, depending on the color version), while the rest of the cabinet is covered with PVC veneer. Two color variants are available: a black body with a black front or an oak body with a white front.


    The Diva 5 column has a two-piece cabinet made of MDF. One of the parts is the 30 mm thick front panel, which increases the mechanical stability of the housing and prevents unwanted resonances, significantly improving sound clarity. The front is slightly tilted backward, with a shallower bottom and a deeper top, giving the column a noble look as it rests on solid cast aluminum legs. The attractive design of the Diva 5 is accentuated by the magnetically attached, acoustically transparent grille, which replaces the previously used plastic pins for attaching the cover, as seen in other Diva series columns, including the Diva 552 model.


    In the Diva 5 model, several changes have been made compared to the speakers available in the previous Diva series. Notably, the speaker baskets have been redesigned with more streamlined ribbing, reducing air resistance behind the membrane and minimizing unwanted resonances. These baskets have been purpose-designed to work seamlessly with the Dual-Wave suspension, resulting in both proper function and exceptional aesthetics.


    In the 2.5-way Diva 5 loudspeaker, both the woofer and mid-woofer feature Curv (polypropylene composite) membranes, distinguishing them from their counterparts in the Diva 552 model. This material choice in the woofer ensures more neutral and precise handling of low tones. These particular membranes are produced exclusively for Indiana Line on special order.


    The magnetic systems in the woofer and mid-woofer have been optimized through finite element analysis (FEA), aiming to enhance their performance across a wide range of amplitudes and frequencies. The magnetic cores of each transducer are highly saturated, reducing coil inductance and distortion, including intermodulation distortion. Furthermore, inductance is linearized, as in many previous Indiana Line models, using an Aluring demodulation ring. This element has been employed for both the low-midrange and woofer transducers, resulting in clearer and more articulate sound even at high volumes, regardless of the music genre being played.


    A unique feature introduced for the first time in Indiana Line loudspeakers is the Dual-Wave surround, present in both the woofer and midwoofer drivers of the Diva 5 model. This precisely designed upper suspension extends the linear operation range of the loudspeaker, reducing distortion, especially in the low bass registers, and improving midrange articulation. This has a positive impact, particularly on the sound of percussion, string, and acoustic instrumentsThe Dual-Wave solution also reduces irregularities in frequency response due to diaphragm edge resonance, without the need for additional lacquering. The visually attractive design of the Dual-Wave transducers resembles professional stereo equipment with so-called accordion suspension.


    Another new feature in the Indiana Line loudspeakers, compared to those currently available on the market, is the tweeter design. It incorporates a unique radial damping chamber in the form of a ring surrounding the coil, in contrast to the commonly used volume behind the dome. This design ensures natural high-frequency sound and helps avoid unwanted resonances often associated with conventional designs. The tweeter faceplate in the Diva 5 has also undergone significant changes, being cast from aluminum and featuring a optimally shaped rubber surface. These changes contribute to widening the soundstage and filling the room more effectively with high frequencies.


    The crossover used in the Diva 5 model has been redesigned and optimized using computer simulations. The circuit topology, the number of components, and their parameters have been precisely matched to the loudspeaker cabinet and transducers, resulting in a balanced frequency response, low distortion, reduced power losses, and sound quality that has been validated through extensive listening tests. The specially designed crossover circuit enables the Diva 5 to work seamlessly with virtually any amplifier.


    The tweeter filter system exclusively utilizes air coils and foil capacitors, eliminating the potential distortions often associated with electrolytic capacitors or ferrite core coils. In cases where core coils are used in the crossover, they feature a laminated high-silicon iron core to minimize iron core-related distortion.


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    Dėl Jus dominančios prekės pristatymo, kreipkitės info@ arba telefonu +370 600 47347.