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Lentyninė / ant sienos montuojama centrinė kolonėlė

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      SuperSat 3C Lentyninė / ant sienos montuojama centrinė kolonėlė


      SuperSat 3The SuperSat 3 is an elegantly curved, compact satellite speaker designed for use when very high-performance yet small size is desired. (It is also the ideal matching Surround/Rear speaker and on-wall Height channel speaker for any GoldenEar-based system.)  Four SuperSat 3s and one SuperSat 3C, combined with a ForceField 3 powered subwoofer, make up the superlative and award winning SuperCinema 3, a sub/sat 5.1 multichannel system.

      As with all SuperSat models, there is both a vertical model and a horizontal (“C”) model which is optimized specifically for center-channel, or any horizontal, applications. The SuperSat 3’s svelte, 2.7” deep, 12” tall cabinet is constructed from a rigid, non-resonant marble-powder infused polymer and is finished in a gorgeous piano-gloss black.

      Every GoldenEar SuperSat speaker model takes advantage of the extraordinary GoldenEar High‐Velocity Folded Ribbon (HVFR™) design tweeter. The HVFR tweeter propagates sound waves and moves the air by squeezing it with its accordion‐like pleated diaphragm, rather than pushing it as conventional drivers do. The result is better impedance matching to the air in the room with greater control, smoother more extended response with lower distortion and dramatically improved dynamic range. Each SuperSat speaker model also utilizes GoldenEar’s ground‐breaking 4.5″ cast-basket upper bass/midrange drivers, which incorporate our proprietary Multi-Vaned Phase Plug design (MVPP™) as well as our proprietary computer optimized cone topology, arranged in a D’Appolito array surrounding the HVFR tweeter.

      The SuperSat 3 includes a stand for shelf mounting (shown, left); the SuperSat 3C includes an adjustable angling foot for ideal center channel positioning.  Both models incorporate a rear threaded insert as well as keyhole mount for wall mounting options. The Keyhole mount allows flat-on-the-wall mounting and the threaded insert can be used with our SuperSwivel universal bracket. Or, use the optional SuperStand 3 Floor Stand – note total height of speaker and floor stand is 46″.



      Išmatavimai: 30.5 cm P (A) x 12.1 cm A (P) x 7 cm G

      Svoris: 2.3 kg

      Atkuriamų dažnių juosta:  80 Hz – 35 kHz

      Efektyvumas: 92 dB

      Nominali varža: Suderinamas su 8 Ohm

      Garsiakalbių sudėtis:

      Du – 4-1/2˝ Aukštos raiškos  MVPP™ žemų/vidutinių dažnių garsiakalbiai

      Vienas – HVFR™ Aukšto efektyvumo plėvelinis aukštų dažnių garsiakalbis

      Rekomenduojamas stiprintuvas: 20 – 200 W/kanalui


      91 dB ir daugiau






      Dėl Jus dominančios prekės pristatymo, kreipkitės info@ arba telefonu +370 600 47347.

      Dėl Jus dominančios prekės pristatymo, kreipkitės info@ arba telefonu +370 600 47347.