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10 cm dviejų juostų garsiakalbių sistema

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    With the MS Series, MUSWAY has developed sophisticatedly designed loudspeakers that are equipped with fine and very effective details. Particularly outstanding are the innovative paper composite cones with bamboo fiber structure, which have a very high internal damping. The advantage of this is a very linear frequency response of the bass midrange speakers. As a result, simple 6 dB crossovers can be used, which have the best possible impulse response of all crossover types at all. Powerful, 11 ounce Y30 magnet drivers with vented voice coils provide high efficiency up to 90 dB at 1 W / 1m. Also noteworthy are the very efficient fine-drawing 25 mm  silk dome neodymium tweeters, which are very compact with a diameter of only 42 mm. They can be optionally installed on top or flush. The 2-way crossovers are also very compact and space-saving to install.


    As with the component systems of the MS series, the three coaxial models also convince thanks to the paper-bamboo cone with a linear frequency response and a dynamic impulse performance. Again, very large and up to 11 ounces magnet drivers are used, which optimally dissipate the heat and ensure high efficiency of the 3 Ohms speakers. For the higher tones, 20 mm silk dome neodymium tweeters are used in the two larger models. For the 10 cm model MS42, the developers chose a lightweight Mylar neodymium driver, which provide the best possible sound. The MS speakers have a sound neutrality that is second to none.


    70 Watts/RMS, 140 Watts/Max.

    Frequency Range 75 – 22000 Hz

    Impedance 3 Ohms

    Paper Bamboo Cones

    Inline Crossovers

    25 mm Silk Dome Tweeters

    Protection Grilles

    Installation Depth 49 mm

    Installation Diameter 94 mm



    Garsiakalbio dydis

    10 cm (4")

    Dėl Jus dominančios prekės pristatymo, kreipkitės info@ arba telefonu +370 600 47347.

    Dėl Jus dominančios prekės pristatymo, kreipkitės info@ arba telefonu +370 600 47347.

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