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1,053.10 Lt425.74 €
Pioneer VSX-S310/S daugiakanalis 5.2 namų kino D klasės stiprintuvas su dviem žemų dažnių kolonėlės išėjimais, Ultra HD 4K Upskalinimu/Pass Through ir 4x HDMI jungtimis
Sidabrinė apdaila
Techninės specifikacijos:
Išėjimo galia kanalui 110W;
Varža 4Ω;
Kanalų skaičius 5;
Signalo triukšmo santykis 90 dB;
Galiniai įėjimai:
• 4 x HDMI 
• 1 x AV Composite
• 1 x Digital Coaxial (priskiriamas)
• 1 x Digital Optical (priskiriamas)
• 1 x USB 
Išėjimai gale:
• 1 x HDMI 
• 1 x AV Composite
• 2 x Preout Subwoofer
• 5 x Speaker out
• 1 x Ausinių
Valdymas per HDMI
HD Audio atkūrimo formatai: 
• Dolby TrueHD
• DTS-HD Master Audio
Skaitmeninis garso apdorojimo procesorius Texas Instruments AureusTM (TMS320DA788)
D/A konverteris 192 kHz / 24-bit;
A/D konverteris 96 kHz / 24-bit;
Išmatavimai (plotis x aukštis x gylis) 435 x 85 x 317  mm;
Svoris 4,0 kg

The receiver that fits any rack space.

Measuring just 85 mm high and 317 mm deep, our VSX-S310 slim receiver is still packed with tons of features, 4K Ultra HD Pass Through and class D amplification are just a few of the many features you'll find in this little black box. The Class D amplifier section of the receiver delivers affluent power to each channel, providing you with great detail and high dynamic range.

The receiver’s front USB port lets you enjoy direct digital audio playback from your iPod, iPad mini or iPhone, including the iPhone 5. The slim VSX-S310 brings you the basics of HD home cinema, with the option to intelligently adjust the sound according to the position of your speakers using MCACC. This way, you'll always be sitting in the sweet spot for perfect audio when watching a film or gaming.

Loves your i-devices

Connect your iPhone, iPod or iPad (mini) directly to the receiver and enjoy your favourite tracks in top digital audio quality.

Energy efficient settings

Use the ECO Mode to save energy. It analyses your sources in real time, adjusting power consumption accordingly to meet your needs, or you can choose the power-saving settings that are right for you. You can control ECO Mode using the receiver's front panel or the included remote control.

Enjoy HD audio

Besides Dolby Pro Logic II, the receiver supports Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD so you can enjoy high-quality audio from Blu-ray discs.

4K Ultra HD video ready

Experience real high definition with 4K ultra-high resolution video. 4K Pass Through ensures your receiver is ready for the next generation of high def video.

Smarter room calibration

Often, speakers for surround sound can't be ideally positioned. MCACC analyses the existing sound field using a microphone (included), just like a sound professional. It then adjusts each speaker's virtual size, level, distance, and response to precision-tune the system to your room.

Eliminate phase lag

Phase control eliminates phase lag, caused by low-frequency signals, and significantly improves multi-channel sound without any extra operation.



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