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Kaina: 2,069.00 €
7,143.84 Lt2673.19 €
Pioneer SC-LX88 HD daugiakanalis namų kino stiprintuvas
Techninės specifikacijos:
Išėjimo galia kanalui 250W
Kanalų skaičius 9
Signalo triukšmo santykis 103 dB
Įėjimai priekyje:
• 1 x HDMI 
• 1 x USB 2.0 (iPod/iPhone Digital Audio, USB laikmena)
• 1 x MCACC Setup MIC
Įėjimai gale:
• 1 x USB DAC
• 7 x HDMI (1 skirtas HDMI/MHL)
• 1 x Ethernet
• 2 x AV Composite
• 1 x Audio (pasirenkamas)
• 2 x Digital Coaxial (pasirenkamas)
• 2 x Digital Optical (pasirenkamas)
• 2 x Component Video (pasirenkamas)
• 2 x IR
• 2 x 12V Trigeris
• 1 x RS-232C
Išėjimai priekyje:
• 1 x Phones out
Išėjimai gale:
• 1 x AV Composite
• 1 x Digital Optical
• 1 x Monitor Component
• 1 x Monitor Composite
• 1 x IR
• 9.2-ch Preout (11.2-ch jungtys)
Failų atkūrimas
• AM/FM Tuner
• Internet Radio su vTuner
• Spotify paruoša
• Apple AirPlay
• MP3, WAV, AAC, WMA, FLAC, AIFF, DSD, ir Apple Lossless
• DSD 
• iPod skaitmeninis
192 kHz/24-bit audio atkūrimas:
Multi-channel audio failų atkūrimas:
Gapless atkūrimas:
• MP3, WAV, AAC, FLAC, AIFF, ir Apple Lossless(***)
MHL jungtis Android prietaisams
HD Audio Formats:
• Dolby Atmos Upgradable
• Dolby TrueHD
• DTS-HD Master Audio
Audio gryžimo funkcija
Bluetooth įmontuotas su aptX palaikymu
Internetinė radija (vTuner)
HTC Connect 
Windows 8.1 suderinamumas

Defying the limits of home cinema.

With this flagship AV receiver you will experience all your favourite films and music exactly as the creators intended. The SC-LX88 features only high-end components, each rigorously calibrated and professionally tuned by the legendary Air Studios, to bring studio quality sound right into your living room.

Especially for audiophiles, we equipped the SC-LX88 with a SABRE 32bit Ultra DAC and a powerful Class D Amplifier. Together, they reproduce music with unsurpassed fidelity, up to 220 watts per output channel. Unique to this AV receiver is the asynchronous USB-DAC, which allows a direct USB connection for your Mac or PC, supporting Native DSD and 192 kHz/32-bit audio content.

The cherry on the cake is the newest surround sound technology: Dolby Atmos. The SC-LX88 allows you to place overhead speakers for a multi-layered, dynamic, and three-dimensional sound that is completely in sync with the screen view, providing total immersion with unprecedented sound localisation and movement.

Update 29 Sep. 2014: Firmware update to enable Dolby Atmos

Dolby Atmos.
Feel every dimension

This amplifier features Dolby Atmos, the latest audio platform for home theatre entertainment. With the right set-up - speakers and receiver - this technology will fill your room with astonishing clarity, richness, detail, and depth.

Bluetooth built-in

Easily stream songs from compatible devices using the built-in Bluetooth wireless technology. This AV receiver features A2DP and Audio/Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP). Supported codecs include SBC, AAC, and aptX.

Always in full control

With the iControlAV5 app, you can control all important functions from your smartphone or from your tablet (iOS / Android). Thanks to the newly built-in AVNavigator, you no longer need to install any software.


4K/60p Ultra HD video

Experience four times the current 1080p HD quality with 4K ultra-high resolution video. The receiver's 4K upscaling capabilities - up to 60p - make it possible to enjoy SD or HD content in 4K quality.

Hi-Res multi-channel audio

Enjoy high-resolution audio playback like never before. This AV receiver supports both AIFF and Apple Lossless hi-resolution audio files. You can even playback the latest multichannel WAV and FLAC audio files.

Improving audio

The audio scaler upscales your audio by expanding a two-channel digital signal to 32-bit to improve resolution and density. The sampling rate can be increased to 192kHz, reducing noise, and enhancing the characteristics of the digital signal.

Multi-zone capabilities

All new amplifiers offer simultaneous entertainment in multiple zones – including a HDZone with a dedicated HDMI output to an additional room. Up to four different mobile devices running Pioneer’s iControlAV5 App can simultaneously control the AV receiver to take full advantage of its multi-room capabilities.

Built-in USB-DAC

The SC-LX88 integrates an asynchronous USB-DAC, which eliminates jitter and reproduces master quality sound with extremely precise audio signals, even for Hi-bit32 Signal Processing. It allows a direct USB connection with a Mac or PC, supporting native DSD and 192kHz/32-bit music files.

Massive power

audiophile level Class D amplification brings you unprecedented power output. Short signal paths ensure impeccable sound, while efficient cooling provides superior performance with lower power consumption (-44% vs analogue amps). Now with 4-16Ω speaker support.

Enjoy Spotify Connect

Enjoy on demand access to millions of songs with Spotify’s digital streaming service. This AV receiver is ready for Spotify Connect, which lets you select songs on your Spotify app to listen to on your audio system.



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