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The Pioneer PL990 is the ideal, fully automatic solution for those looking for an easy to use turntable to play back a vinyl collection. 
The design of the PL-990 includes a built in phono stage to allow the turntable to connect to any line level (auxiliary) input and fully automatic operation, meaning that you simply press a button to start playback and, when that side of the record has finished, the arm lifts and returns to its holder. This saves stylus wear and avoids potentially damaging the needle whilst lowering it onto the record by hand. Plus it makes it incredibly easy to use.
The Pioneer PL990 is a great value, easy to use turntable from a highly regarded brand. 
Belt or direct drive Belt drive
Cartridge supplied Yes
Dust cover Yes
Extra Fully automatic operation for ease of use.

* Built-in phono stage can not be swicthed off, hence this turntable must be used with an auxiliary line-level input on your amplifier/mini-system (not a phono input).
Finish Black
Outputs Stereo line out (phono pre-amplifier built-in*) via 2 x RCA/phono sockets
Speed 33.3/45 RPM playback
Supplied accessories Cartridge, stylus and felt mat
W x H x D (mm) 420 x 100 x 342
Weight (kg) 2.65


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