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Kaina: 785.00 €
2,710.45 Lt
The Pioneer U05 is a great combination of discrete headphone amplifier and USB-DAC. With support for almost any connection type, from a traditional standard jack to 3- and even 4-pin NEUTRIK jacks, you can find the best combination of cables for you. The U-05 guarantees high-grade audio thanks to its fully balanced circuit, through whichever output you choose. Advanced tuning possibilities allow even more dramatic sound improvement.
You can use the U05 for headphone playback and powered speakers or as a high-end pre-amplifier with volume control. It also works as an excellent DAC, playing regular PCM signals and 2.8 MHz and 5.6 MHz DSD-files. You can upscale 16- and 24-bit signals to 32-bit quality, while the upsampling function raises the frequency as high as 384 kHz.
However you want to use it, the Pioneer U05 handles digital audio with effortless ease and style. 
Compatibility DSD audio
Connections REAR
Digital AES/EBU socket
2 x digital coaxial inputs
2 x digital optical inputs
USB socket
Analogue stereo out (via 2 x RCA/phono)
Balanced stereo out (via 2 x XLR)

Balanced headphone output (via XLR4 socket)
Balanced headphone output (via 2 x XLR3 sockets)
Unbalanced headphone output (via 6.3mm socket)
Extra 4Hz - 80kHz frequency range
Up to 32bit/384kHz sampling and 2.8MHz and 5.6MHz DSD
Finish Silver
W x H x D (mm) 296 x 101 x 271
Weight (kg) 6.3


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