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Аудио-видео аппаратура для дома
Цена: 419.00 €
1,446.72 Lt


The IOTA incorporates the implementation of radical and unorthodox thinking in order to offer the same integrity and musical capability that distinguishes all Neat loudspeakers. It is especially suited to the current crop of all-in-one streaming systems, from which a very high level of sound quality can be attained, but space is usually at a premium.
The 2.6 litre cabinet is constructed from high grade MDF, which is internally damped.
The main drive unit is a 100mm PP cone with a powerful, low-distortion ferrite magnet system, coupled to a finite element analysis-designed suspension system. The tweeter is a 50mm vertical planar magnetic ‘ribbon’ device. The choice of tweeter is critical, because the tweeter lends the whole speaker its essential character and integrity. In this context, the tweeter’s strengths of superb dynamic contrast and accurate tonal colour are well matched to those of the main drive unit.
Enclosure type:   Two-way bass reflex.
Recommended amplifier power:   25 – 100 watts
Impedance:    6 Ohms nominal
Sensitivity:   84 dB/1 Watt
Size (hxwxd):    130x200x165mm
Weight: 3Kg each. Shipping weight per pair: 7Kg.
Standard finishes: Satin White, Satin Black
Alternative finishes: Flame Red, Zinc Yellow, Ultramarine Blue
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