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Аудио-видео аппаратура для автомобилей
Цена: 479.00 €
1,653.89 Lt
KENWOOD DMX7018DABS  6.8” Digital Media AV Receiver with Smartphone control, Bluetooth & DAB+ Radio.
Key Features
Short body (75mm), 6.8" WVGA Mechaless AV-Receiver
DAB+ Tuner Built-in for Digital Radio Reception
Bluetooth Built-in (HFP & Audio Streaming)
Works with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto
Works with Waze App via Android Auto
Works with Spotify App
Rear USB 2.0, 1,5A Rapid Charge for Smartphone
Flac Playback (96kHz/24bit)
AV-in, Video Out, RearCam in
3 RCA (Front-Rear-Sub) Preouts (4,0V)
DSP - 13-Band EQ - DTA Built-in
General Features
DIN Size: 2 DIN
On Screen Display (OSD) Operation
Smooth GUI
Selectable GUI Background Wallpaper
Key Illumination: Variable color
Touch sensor
Back-up Memory
Optional IR remote controller: Yes, (KNA-RCDV331)
Digital Clock (24H)
ISO connector
Bluetooth unit built-in
DAB Tuner Built-in
Made for iPod
Works with Apple CarPlay   
Works with Android Auto
Firmware upgreadable
Monitor Features
Screen Type: 6.8" Wide VGA
High Resolution VGA Display
LCD type: 6,8 inch Wide VGA
LCD backlight: LED
Display full mode: (default)
Display zoom mode: 3 steps
Display just mode
Display panorama mode
Display auto mode: Full - Normal/Regular
Display Normal / Regular mode: Normal
Screen adjust: Brightness
Screen adjust: Colour
Screen adjust: Contrast
Dimmer function: Manual/Sync
Dimmer Level: Auto/On/Off
Visual Source Mode: Mirroring/CarPlay/Android Auto
Touch Panel: Capacitive
Display Type: Glare
Display film: AF
Mechanism type: Fixed
NTSC/PAL judge: Yes (Auto)
Multimedia GUI Features
Menu text 14 languages:
► English(UK)(Default) ► English(US) ► Spanish ► French ► German ► Italian ► Dutch ► Russian ► Portuguese ► Hebrew ► Greek ► Polish ► Czech ► Hungarian
Software updates (SoC): via USB
Graphics Type: Graphics
Spectrum Analyzer
Demonstration Mode
Top Menu Customize
Opening Screen Type: standard
Background Customize: 6 presets + user set
Wallpaper colour change
Screen Capture
R-CAM interrupt
R-CAM Caution On Screen Display
R-CAM Parking Guide Lines
Tuner Features
Station Select: Manual / Preset (List)
FM Reception   
AM Reception
Tuner Presets (FM/AM): 20 Presets (15FM / 5AM)
Tuning mode: Auto1/Auto2/Manual
Up/Down Seek/Scan
Automatic Memory Entry (AME)
FM Stereo / Mono Selector
Radio Data System
Radio Text Plus
Traffic Information
Local search
AF Regional: Selectable: AF/AF Reg/OFF
Auto TP search
Enhanced Other Networks Function (EON)
Program Type Function (PTY)
CE DAB tuner features
DAB+ tuner built-in
Digital Radio Certification Mark
Intelligent seek
Tuning mode / Seek mode: Auto1/Auto2/Manual
Service preset: 15 ch * 1 bank presets,
Service list by alphabet order
Preset list
Alphabet Search
DAB-RDS integrated TI
Traffic Information
DAB-DAB/DAB-FM auto switch
Time Shift
DLS (Dynamic Label)
PTY (Programme Type) search
PTY (Programme Type) watch
Antenna power supply on/off switch
Bluetooth General Features
Max num. of regist. phones for HFP & A2DP: 10 phones
Hands Free Profile with High Sound Quality: HFP V1.6
Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP)
High Quality Audio Streaming: SBC/AAC
Serial Port Profile (SPP)
Simple Secure Pairing (SSP)
Phonebook Access Profile (PBAP)
Wireless Music Browsing (AVRCP 1.5)
Multi Profile Support
iPhone & Android automatic pairing via USB
Private mode
Interrupt call request
Noise Canceller
Echo Canceller
Signal strength display
Remaining battery display
High-quality noise canceling microphone: Included (rear wired)
Bluetooth firmware upgradeable
* depends on phone model/make
CE_Playable Audio file
AAC (*.m4a) files are playable: USB
MP3 files are playable: USB
WMA (.wma) files are playable: USB
WAV (.wav) files are playable: USB
FLAC files are playable: USB
CE_Playable Video file
MPEG1/2 files are playable: USB
MPEG4 files are playable: USB
WMV files are playable: USB
H.264 files are playable: USB
mkv files are playable: USB
JPEG files are playable: USB
BMP files are playable: USB
PNG files are playable: USB
USB Features
USB terminal: Yes, Rear side
USB Type: 2.0 High speed
Android USB Mass Storage Class (MSC)
Android Open Accessory support (AOA): for Android Auto
Works with Android Auto
Repeat Play: Folder/File/All
Random play: Folder
Category search
Time code display
1,5A Charge Capability for Smartphone (BC 1.2).
iPod Features
Made for iPod & iPhone *
USB Direct Control (Audio, 1 wire, Lightning-connector) with optional cable KCA-iP103
Music playback
Album art support
Music library search
Direct Search
Control by hand
App & iPod control mode
iPod Accessory Protocol (iAP): iAP2
iAP over Bluetooth
Works with Apple CarPlay
Reverse browsing
Battery charge + power control
* Always update to latest Apple firmware
Audio features
Max. Output Power (MOSFET Power IC): 4 x 50W
Pre-out: 3RCA: Front/Rear/Subwoofer
Pre-out Output Level: 4V
Volume Offset
Balance/Fader Control: Yes, (via DSP)
Att.(-20dB) with smooth Volume Return
Multimedia DSP Features
DSP Chip: AK7601
Position Control
Position Preset: 6 Presets
Graphic equalizer
Graphic Equalizer: 13 bands
G-EQ KBS: Yes, 8
G-EQ manual setting
G-EQ adjustable level: Yes, -9 / ... /+9 dB
Time Alignment: 0cm ~ 610cm
High Pass Filter (HPF) (Front/Rear/Center)
HPF Cut Off Frequency: 14
HPF Cut Slope Level: 4 steps
Low Pass Filter (LPF): Yes (Non-Fading)
LPF Cut Off Frequency: 14
LPF Cut Slope Level: 4 steps
3-Way X'Over
User Preset: Pops/Easy/Top40/Jazz/Powerful/Rock/Flat(Initial)/iPod/User1/User2/User3/User4
Source DSP Memory
Speaker Size Control
Car type control
Channel Level Control
Space Enhancer
Tweeter volume
Bass Boost
USB interface (rear side)
OEM Wired Remote Control ready: Yes, Optional interface needed
Programmable OEM Steeringwheel Remote Function
DC-Cord: Mitsumi to ISO
Parking sensor wire
Dimmer control wire
AV-Input (Non Switchable) (RCA)
AV Output: Video only (RCA)
Available AV-Out source: USB/AV-in/Mirroring
Reverse sensor wire
Rear View Camera Input
Dashcam Link
Amplifier pre-out: RCA: Front/Rear/Subwoofer
GPS Aerial Input
FM Antenna Input
DAB Aerial input
External microphone input
Tuner Specifications
FM range: 87.5Mhz - 108MHz (50Khz step)
FM Usable Sensitivity: 0.56μV/75ohm (S/N 30dBf)
FM Quieting Sensitivity: 1.58μV/75ohm (S/N 46dBf)
FM Frequency Response: 30Hz ~ 15kHz (± 3dB)
FM Signal to noise ratio (Mono): 68dB
FM Selectivity(DIN): over 80dB (±400kHz)
FM Stereo Separation (1kHz): 40dB
MW range: 531kHz - 1611kHz (9kHz step)
MW Usable Sensitivity: 28.5μV
LW range: 153kHz - 279kHz (9kHz step)
LW Usable Sensitivity: 45μV
DAB Tuner specifications
Band III - Frequency range: 174.928 MHz - 239.2MHz
Mode: I, II, III, IV
Sensitivity: - 100dBm
Signal to noise ratio: 90dB
Audio format: MPEG1 Audio Layer II, MPEG4 HE-AAC v2
DAB Aerial Connector Type: SMB
Output Voltage: 14.4V (11V to 16V allowable)
Maximum Current: < 100 mA
Bluetooth specifications
Technology: Bluetooth V3.0
Frequency: 2.402 - 2.48 GHz
Output power: +4dBm(max), 0dBm (AVE) power class 2
Maximum range: Line of sight approx. 10 meter
Handsfree profile (HFP): Yes, v 1.6
Serial port profile (SPP): Yes, V1.2
Service discovery protocol (SDP)
Audio Codec: SBC/AAC
Generic access profile (GAP)
Phonebook access profile (PBAP): Yes, V1.2
USB Specifications
USB Version compatibility: USB 2.0 High Speed
File System: FAT 16/32, NTFS
Maximum Supply current: 1500mA
D/A Converter: 24bit
MPEG1 Decoder: MPEG-1 with MPEG Audio Layer 2
MPEG2 Decoder: MPEG-2 with MPEG Audio Layer 2
MPEG4 Decoder: (.mp4, .m4v)
H.264 Decoder: mp4, .m4v, .avi, flv, f4v),
mkv Decoder: (.mkv)
WMV Decoder
JPEG Files
BMP Files
PNG Files
MP3 Decode: Compliant with MPEG-1/2 Audio Layer-3
WMA Decode: Compliant with Windows Media Audio
AAC Decode: AAC-LC "m4a" Files
WAV Decode: Linear - PCM Files
flac Decode: FLAC files up to 96kHz/24bit
Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20kHz
S/N Ratio: 104 dB (1kHz)
Dynamic Range: 90dB
Audio Specifications
Maximum Power: 50W x 4
Output Power (DIN45324,+B=14.4v): 22W x 4
Preout Level: 4000mV / 10kOhm,
Preout Impedance: ≤ 600Ohm
Speaker Impedance: 4Ohm ~ 8Ohm
DSP Specifications
Equalizer Type: Graphic
Frequency band: 13 bands
Time Alignment Position Delay: 0 till 610cm (1cm step)
Time Alignment Position Gain: -8dB ~ 8dB
Time Alignment: Front/Rear/Sub
Car type: ► Off  ► Compact ► Sedan ► Wagon ► Minivan ► SUV ► Passenger Van
Speaker type - Center: ► NONE ► 40mm X 70mm ► 5cm ► 10cm ► 13cm ► 16cm OVER
2-Way X'over / Front/Rear (HPF) / Frequency: Trough/30/40/50/60/70/80/90/100/120/150/180/220/250
2-Way X'over / Front/Rear (HPF) / Slope: -6/-12/-18/-24 (dB/oct)
Subwoofer Level: -50dB ~ 10dB
Video Specifications
Color System of External Video Input: NTSC/PAL
External video input level (mini-jack): 1 Vpp / 75 Ohm
External audio max. input level (mini-jack): 2 Vpp / 25 kOhm
Analog RGB Input: 0.7 Vpp / 75 Ohm
Video input level (RCA): 1 Vpp, 75 Ohms
Video Output Level (RCA): 1 Vpp / 75 Ohm
Monitor Specifications
Screen size (Diagonal): 6.95 Inches Wide
Screen Size (WxH): 156.6 x 81.6mm
Display system: Transparent TN LCD Panel
Drive system: TFT Active Matrix System
Number of Pixels: 1152000pixels (800(H) x 480(V) x RGB)
Effective pixels: 99.99%
Pixel arrangement: RGB Striped
Back lighting: LED (Light Emitting Diode)
General Specifications
Operating voltage: 14.4V (11 ~ 16V Allowable)
Maximum Current Consumption: 10A
Dimensions (WxHxD): 178 x 100 x 162mm
Weight: 2000 gr.
Operation Temperature Range: -10°C ~ 60°C
Release keys: 2 pieces
Installation Sleeve
Handsfree Microphone: with 3 m cable
Multi-Language Instruction:  Manual Included
Manuals Downloadable

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